25 thoughts you have when you’re made redundant at 25

25 thoughts you have when you’re made redundant at 25

Picture the scene. It’s 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon and whilst most people are starting to wind down for the weekend and prosecco glasses are starting to fill up and my three closest work colleagues, or ex-colleagues from this point, are sat in a booth in McDonald’s Regent Street, teary-eyed and in shock. Some of us ordered two burgers but this is not a place to judge.

A few hours earlier we all got the news that we were being made redundant. It was a lot to take in. One minute we were planning for the weeks ahead, which days were going have off for Christmas, the next told to put our out of office on for the unforeseeable future and disappear as if nothing ever happened.

Since that day so many thoughts have been going through my head. Here at some examples:

I am going to so much fun stuff with all my new found free time. I can explore the whole of London. On my own. Because everyone else is in work. Getting paid

I am going to miss seeing my work friends everyday SO much. Who am I going to belly laugh with now?

How am I going to pay my rent when my money runs out. Seriously?

I hope everyone is OK with getting hand-made Christmas presents this year

Maybe I should move back home.

No goodbye party? No leaving drinks? Nothing? Looks like that’s a bottle of wine for one in front of the TV then.

I can do anything. The world is my Oyster. I am a girl boss. I will get through this.

I finally have no excuse not to start that blog I always said I didn’t have time for.

Maybe I could be the next Zoella.

OMG this is the perfect time to become a professional dog carer. I wonder how much that pays? (Turns out not that much.)

Why are Amanda Holden and Ben Shepherd hosting This Morning. Where are Holly & Phil? WHERE ARE RUTH & EAMON?

I probably shouldn’t do that ASOS order I was going to do anymore. I definitely shouldn’t. But then again, maybe retail therapy will help ease the pain?

Goodbye Spotify premium account. Hello extra £9.99 a month, you will solve all my problems.

Why do recruiters call at the most inconvenient times but then never call at the time they actually said they would?

Blimey the gym is so much quieter in the middle of the day. Now I actually have no excuse not to go to legs, bums & tums. Damn it.

I wonder if anyone will buy my old ghd’s. They are broken and rusty but surely someone will spend £100 on them.

It could be worse. It could be so much worse. No one has died. This is not the end of the world, it’s just a momentary blip.

What was the point in getting in to thousands of pounds worth of uni debt if I can’t even hold down a secure job? I basically paid £30k for a few fancy dress nights in the student union.

Thank god I don’t have kids to look after. Bloody hell.

I did say I wanted to go freelance eventually, maybe this is the universe telling me it’s time. If in doubt, always blame the universe.

Exactly how much money do you get on the dole?

There is literally no structure in my life. I can stay up on my own watching YouTube videos until 3am if I want to.

People who complain about getting up early to go to work don’t know how lucky they are.

I wonder what type of creative masterpieces I could sell on Etsy. Maybe I’ll get in to decoupage.

I wonder if I write a long, funny, honest, beautifully written heart-warming blog post about my experience then someone might read it and offer me job where I can just write random thoughts that come in to my head for a living. That would be nice.


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