5 blogs I actually love to read

5 blogs I actually love to read

I follow a lot of bloggers on social media, as a lot of you probably do, but there are only a few blogs I genuinely go out of my way to sit down and read. Unfortunately I think this may be becoming increasingly common.

I follow many bloggers online for their beautiful imagery or for some much needed fashion inpso. There are a lot of YouTubers I watch (more on them later) every week but wouldn’t really think about popping over to their blog.

Blogging  no longer seems to be about just writing words on the internet and hoping someone, somewhere, might read them. Many big ‘influencers’ now put their focus on other platforms, those that bring in the £££’s, leaving their blogs and writing fall by the wayside. Call me old fashioned by I like a blogger who actually, erm, blogs.

I’m talking about the blogs that keep me coming back time after time because reading them gives me a sense of fulfilment, like I’ve left learning something either about the writers or myself. Sure they have great pictures, and layouts, and enviable shopping wish-lists, but it’s the writing style that really gets me going.

Here are five of the blogs I always love to read from those who still put the ‘blog‘ in to ‘blogger’. You may sense a theme here:

The Little Plum

tlp(Instagram: Chloeplumstead)

Chloe of The Little Plum is one of my favourite go-to’s for her thinkpiece’s on the fashion and blogging industry. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks but never comes across as self-righteous. Chloe has a great writing style and she manages to perfectly bridge the gap between editorial fashion blogger and relatable BFF. Oh and I also look to her for the best places to buy petite clothing because best believe the struggle to find jeans that fit my short legs is real.

3 posts I recommend:

I don’t want to be a blogger forever so what’s next?

Even faster fashion. Is Instagram killing blogging?

Why I’m not that bothered about LFW

London Beauty Queen

lbq(Instagram: Lbqblog)

Hayley of London Beauty Queen is way more than just a another beauty blogger telling you which lipstick you should go out and buy this month. Hayley has been blogging since 2010, whilst at the time also working in the cosmetics industry and, quite frankly, knows her shit. Though her beauty advice is great it’s her posts that comment on the industry and its perception that are a truly interesting read. I have also recently discovered Hayley’s podcast ‘Made Online’ in which she interviews fellow industry game-changers who have created their careers online. Definitely worth a listen.

3 posts I recommend:

Why I don’t like describing myself as a blogger

Anatomy of a beauty frenzy: how Glossier caused hysteria around their launch

Social Media Self Care & Finding Positivity Again In Moments Of Discontentment

Lareese Craig

LC(Instagram: Lareesecraig)

OK, OK, OK I’m completely biased here. Lareese was, until rather recently (sob), my line manager and work colleague but even if we’d never met I’d still be a fan of her work.

Her writing is wonderfully personal and heartfelt whilst also providing you a good little chuckle and a couple of nostalgic throwbacks along the way.  I won’t say too much more because it’s awkward but do what I tell you and go stalk her.

3 posts I recommend:

Redundancy is a dirty word

How I outran a break up

The peaks and pits


Hannah Gale

hg(Instagram: Hannahfgale)

After winning the much coveted Blogosphere ‘Blogger of the year’ award earlier this year Hannah Gale is the woman very much on everyone’s radar right now.

Hannah worked as a digital journalist for the likes of LOOK and Metro before moving to Ipswich and taking on blogging full-time. Hannah is proof that you don’t need to live in London to succeed in the industry with her witty writing allowing her stand out from the crowd. Famous for her Buzzfeed style ‘list’ posts from when she first started blogging Hannah tackles both light-hearted posts alongside more serious topics including mental health and grief.

Hannah’s work ethic is probably the thing I am most envious of. Even when heavily pregnant as she is now Hannah still manages to upload consistently whereas I would just be sat watching This Morning in my pj’s eating chocolate digestives. Heck, that’s what I do anyway.

3 posts I recommend:

My predictions for blogging in 2018

The end of Glamour magaine and the future of lifestyle content

23 things we all had in our childhood bedrooms


From Roses

fr(Instagram – Fromrosesxo)

I came across Rebecca of From Roses via Bloglovin’ and find myself consistently drawn in to her posts from my explore feed. As a countryside dweller and self proclaimed lone wolf Rebecca provides a stripped back alternative to the often garish blogger world we see on Instagram. Rebecca shows us that it’s OK to be slightly introverted and still want to succeed online.

From Roses has a calming quality and whilst Rebecca does cover beauty and style it’s her blogging tips and personal posts I enjoy the most. Rebecca is also a wonderful photographer and you can purchase bundles of stock photography from her site.

3 posts I recommend:

In defence of being a lone wolf and enjoying time by yourself

Everything I’ve stopped buying to become a little more minimalistic

Handling imposter syndrome and knowing you’re good enough

What are your favourite blogs to read?


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