2017 Beauty Favourites

2017 Beauty Favourites

As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for a little while and is surrounded by makeup and skincare products both at home and in work it’s safe to say I’ve done my fair share of testing. That said I’m not the sort of person to have heaps of new favourite products every month. I like to give things a good go for a while before I put them up there with the best of the best.

As the end of the year is creeping up on us I thought I’d share with you the 10 beauty products that stand out to me as being the ones I consistently reached for this year and are yet to let me down. Some have been around for years, some are relatively new. Some are cheap as chips, some are on the pricey end. I don’t discriminate…


Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water – £5.99

As a self-confessed grease ball you may be thinking I’ve gone mad opting for an oil base micellar water but it’s not so much as an all over cleanser that I love this product but just as a simple eye makeup remover. The oil helps break down layers of mascara and eyeshadow like nothing else I’ve tried.

Pixi Glow Tonic – £18.00

I’ve spoken about the Pixi Glow Tonic in a previous post about things ‘bloggers made me try’ and it’s not been a new discovery of mine but it is one of the most consistent products in my skincare routine. The fact that I can just exfoliate my skin with this and cotton pad rather than scrubbing something in to my face over the sink sits very well with me.


The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% – £3.90

I don’t have the worst skin in the wold when it comes to spot and blemishes but it’s not the best either. This little wonder has been great for reducing their appearance when I see one lurking and eliminating that weird bumpy forehead I somehow developed this year. I’m in to it.


Magnitone Wipe Out! Microfibre Cleansing Cloths – £14.99

These magic pink clothes remove makeup with JUST WARM WATER. I know, right? I have no idea how either. I’ve been using these with my cleanser, as an alternative to muslin cloths,  just to make sure I’ve got rid of every last scratch of makeup, dirt, grime before hitting the pillow. They are now an essential.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara – £19.00

I picked up a mini version of this cult  mascara in Sephora in Madrid earlier this year after hearing such rave reviews. A little more than I would usually pay for an everyday mascara I thought I’d test out the travel sized version first and I loved it so much that I’ve asked ‘Santa’ (Mum) for the full sized for Christmas this year. One thing I will say, as I find with most mascaras, it that it’s better when it has dried out just a little bit to avoid dreaded wet lash and clumping.

George Eyeshadow Cream – £3.00

Earlier this year I popped round to the press launch for George at ASDA’s new beauty range and was pleasantly surprised with this little number that I came away with. It’s the perfect eyeshadow for those in a rush or who, quite frankly, just can’t be bothered to learn what they should be doing to their inner and outer creases. I’ve always loved copper eyeshadows and for me this is the perfect shade and the creamy formular makes it super easy to use. At £3  you can’t go wrong. You may shun George at ASDA, it isn’t exactly the pinnacle of the beauty world, but to that I say  stop being such a beauty snob. Not everything is better when it’s more expensive.


Laura Mercier Setting Powder – £29.00

Another one I had heard raved reviews about before trying myself. Thi setting powder holds makeup in place for longer and helps me get a more matte finish. I just wish thee was a more handbag friendly version so I could top up thoughout the day.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation – £8.29

I always go back to this as my go-to budget foundation for every day/when my fancy ones run out and I need something I can trust. It is really long lasting for the price and doesn’t sweat off my face by midday.

Urban Decay Setting Spray – £23.50

I’ve had this for a while (note the old packaging), but it’s only this year I’ve gotten really in to it and noticed the longevity and staying power of my makeup when I use it. I picked up a little tip from Wayne Goss who suggests spritzing a setting spray after each layer of makeup rather than waiting until you’ve finished your full face. It might seem excessive but if you need you makeup to last all night then you will reap the benefits.


Windle & Moodie Shine Spray – £22.00

Fellow blondes will feel my pain when I say it’s so difficult to get blonde hair to look glossy but with a couple of spritz’s of this run through the ends of my hair I’m good to go. I avoid the roots as they, unfortunately, are shiny enough. Now it is a little pricey so it’s something I save for when going out out but still a firm favourite this year for making my dry, bleached ends looking glossier than I ever thought they could.

Have you tried any of these? What are your beauty favourites of 2017?



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