5 podcasts to kick your creative butt in 2018

5 podcasts to kick your creative butt in 2018

As a new year is upon us it’s time to think about about fresh starts, new diaries and big plans. Last year I been listening to a lot of podcasts from wonderfully creative and talented people who, after listening, leave me feeling inspired and excited to start new adventures. I wanted to share my favourites with you that will no doubt kick your butt in to action too.

1) The Emma Guns Show


The Emma Guns Show

Emma Gunavardhana/Emma Guns/Emma G, is a beauty writer with a wealth of experience in the industry including 10 years of Beauty Editor at OK! Magazine. Emma started creating her podcasts in in 2016 and they originally soley beauty focused with Emma interviewing beauty industry experts including fellow journalists, brand founders, doctors, authors and well known beauty bloggers.

These days Emma’s show covers a vast range of topics including mental health, hormones, careers and creativity, (as well as beauty), as she talks to all sorts of inspirational and successful people who make you want to reach your goals. A must not just for those in the beauty industry but anyone who enjoys listening to other people’s life stories.

My top picks are the epsiodes with Jen Sincero, Jules Von Hep, Sali Hughes and Nadine Baggott. But honestly, they are all fascinating listens, even the ones which I thought I may have found less interesting have kept me listening, or essentially earwigging a conversation, until the end.

2) Made Online

made online web banner 4

Made Online

Made Online is a podcast creating by blogger Hayley of London Beauty Queen who I featured in my ‘5 bloggers I actually read‘ post back last year. In Made Online Hayley speaks to inspirational people who have established their careers online rather than following a traditional career path. These are people who are trailblazers in whatever industry they work in thanks to their understanding of and abilities in the online world.

My top three Made Online picks to listen to are Sophie and Hannah Pycroft (creators of Spectrum Collections who built their million pound makeup brush business based on a gut feeling and credit their success to Instagram), Hannah Gale (2017 Blogger of the Year) and Lex Gillies (of blog Talonted Lex).

3) Ctrl Alt Delete


Emma Gannon

Ctrl Alt Delete is a podcast created by blogger, broadcaster and author Emma Gannon who released her debut book of the same name in 2016.

In her podcasts Emma chats to her guests about their relationship with the internet. She discusses what it’s like growing up as a millennial and the changes the internet has made to the  way we work and the lives we lead. Emma’s chats are always inspiring and leave you feeling ready to go ‘side-hustle’.

There’s a big back catalogue of episodes and I’m still on episodes from March last year but my top picks so far are Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat,Pray, Love and Big Magic), Olivia Purvis (of blog What Olivia Did) and Anna Whitehouse (founder of Mother Pukka).

4) Hashtag Authentic


Hashtag Authentic

This is a relatively new one to me but I am getting really in to it. Hashtag Authentic is hosted by Sara Tasker (who I first heard of when she was a guest on Made Online) and mainly focuses on Instagram and how it can help propel businesse and bloggers. Sara’s expertise comes from her own success with her account Me & Orla which has led her to embark on a full-time career creating content and offering online business advice.

It might be a little more specific than some of the other podcasts here and there are some aspects that definitely aren’t that all relevant to myself but I still find it interesting to listen to all the ways in which online platforms such as Instagram are creating new careers.

My top three episodes are ‘Creating Your Ideal Work Week with Jen Carrington’, ‘Stop Making Excuses & Start Actually Trying with Sarah Von Bargen’ and ‘Following Your Creative Instincts with 5ftinf’.

5) At home with…


At home with…

Lily and Anna are two of the UK’s most popular bloggers and in 2017 they started a podcast in which they enter the home of inspirational bloggers, beauty founders etc and they are shown round their home to talk about their lives and careers, and basically just hang out.

It’s a lovely casual and relaxed podcast where you get to delve a little deeper in to the lives of the people you probably follow already online, as well as those who may be new to you.

I believe series 2 will be coming out this year so make sure you catch up!

My top three picks are the episodes with Kate Johnson (of Kate La Vie), Lisa Eldridge (MUA and Creative Director at Lancôme and Georgie Cleeve (founder of OSKIA).

Have you listened to any of the podcasts above? Which do you recommend?



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