Current Beauty Wishlist

Current Beauty Wishlist

bw2I always have a beauty wishlist as long as my arm but here are five product I’ve been particularly lusting over recently. Let me know if you have tried any and if they are worth a go…

Urban Decay Naked Heat Petite Palette £26.00

I lusted after the original Naked Heat palette when it first came out but told myself I didn’t really need it. Truth is I’m a bit basic when it comes to eyeshadow and I wouldn’t end up using all the shades. But, wait, what’s this? A mini Naked Heat palette with just a few select shades I’m more likely to actually use? Sold. Well not actually sold yet but it’s on ‘the list’. And before you ask, yes, there is an actual list on the notes section of my phone. I love a warm eyeshadow and always opt for bronze and gold tones over greys and silvers. Apparently they compliment blue eyes, and I’ll take compliments wherever I can get ’em.

Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops £19.95

I’m always on the hunt for the perfect facial tanner in an attempt to stop my face being a completely different colour to the rest of my body after tanning but never found that perfect one. A lot of them leave me with, wonderfully tanned, but terribly spotty and tight feeling skin which is not exactly the golden goddess look that I was going for. Isle of Paradise is a new brand from celebrity tanning expert Jules Von Hep and it sounds right up my street. You can just mix these drops in with your moisturiser to add a bit of a ‘yes of course I’ve just spent a week in the Bahamas’ glow. The products are also meant to be colour correcting to help give the appearance of a more even skin tone. I think all those Boots Advantage Card points I’ve saved up are going on this. Either that or on meal deals the week before pay day. We’ll see how it goes.

Fenty Beauty Foundation £26.00

This has been on my wish list for MONTHS. Well ever since it launched actually. Problem is when you go to Harvey Nichols to pick one up there is a waiting room just to be able to queue to get to the counter, or there was back in December anyway. To be fair it’s probably fine now. Yes you can order online but the P&P is high and I’m not even certain of my shade. This is real first world problems. Anyway, one day I’ll get it. I am currently enjoying my BareMinerals BarePro Liquid foundation but I don’t think it’s going to really stand the test of time on a sweaty summer night out. It’s going to be sliding everywhere I just know it. I’m putting a lot of pressure on Fenty to fit the bill.

Glossier You Perfume £45.00

I heard people raving about this when they received testers in their deliveries back when Glossier first launched so was excited to try it for myself when I finally got round to making a purchase. Now I get the hype. It has a unique scent that goes against all the flowrey and sickly sweet scents we are often sold. A lot of fragrances all smell the same to me but this is one you could pick out in a line up, and I think that’s what I’m looking for.

Yu Ling Jade Roller £22.00

I’ve been hearing lots recently about the benefits of facial massage and this little tool seems to be recommended by so many beauty insiders that I’m intrigued to give it a try. If sitting in bed watching Netflix whilst rolling away at my face is what is required to make my face beautiful and plumped then count me in. I’m not sure what the exact benefit of jade are, or what the real difference is between this one and the £5 ones on eBay but sometimes you just gotta go for the real deal.

What’s on your current beauty wishlist?




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