5 beauty habits I do now that I didn’t do 5 years ago

5 beauty habits I do now that I didn’t do 5 years ago

After recently turning 26 I had a bit of a reflection on what my beauty and skincare routine was like five years ago, as a student, a baby, at 21. There wasn’t much of a routine at all to be truthful, and there’s some things I do now that I definitely didn’t do back then. Here are a few of the things I’ve now mastered since..

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Ditching the wipes

I’ll be the first to admit that when I’d had a long day, or got in from a heavy night out, I’d reach for a makeup wipe, give a quick once over, tugging at my eyelashes and be done. Back five years ago at uni that was pretty much everyones skincare routine done and dusted. Now we all know, well you should, that wipes are pretty crap. You’re essentially just moving makeup and grime around your face without properly cleansing it. Oh and they aren’t so good for the environment either. Ditch them. I’m now obsessed with microfiber clothes (I use the Magnitone Wipe Out Cloths) to get rid of every last scrap of makeup. They remove makeup with just warm water, though I like to use them with my cleanser and they can go in washing machine again and again which means no more wipes in the bin.

Wearing daily SPF

Oh but there is SPF in my foundation‘. Hmm not good enough hun. Just watch this video from Wayne Goss to see why that argument doesn’t quite work. God he’s good. Anyway, sun damage is the biggest contributor to early signs of aging and as I’m now in the ‘overs’ category on X Factor I need all the help I can get if I still want that smug feeling of getting ID’d at Tesco to last. A lot of facial SPF’s are a thick, creamy consistency which can cause my skin to get congested and break out. The one I find I can 100% count on is The Body Shop’s Skin Defence. SPF 50, lightweight and non-greasy. Strongly recommend.

Dabble in acids 

When is comes to skincare the word ‘acid’ gives some people the heebie jeebies (technical term) but don’t be put off, a lot of them are naturally occurring and not something to be afraid of. In the past couple of years I’ve added a few acids to my skincare regime and they really do work wonders. I tend to use a hyaluronic for hydration (duh), a salicylic for spots and annoying under the surface bumps and a glycolic for a brighter and more even skin tone.

Switch to serums

It used to be drummed in to you that you needed two things when it comes to moisturising, a day cream and a night cream. Night creams are often thick and heavy and though I thought I was doing the right thing by religiously slathering myself every evening it turns out that’s just not the right thing for my oily/combination skin type. It can’t cope and needs something much lighter. Now I look for gel-like lotions or stick to hydrating serums, and my skin is much happier for it.

Double cleanse

If there’s one skincare tip that the internet (Caroline Hirons) has taught us over the last few years is that one cleanse is simply not enough. We must all now double cleanse. It makes sense. Your first cleanse is to remove makeup, the second is to really give your skin the proper clean it deserves. Five years ago I wouldn’t be that bothered that there was still some remnants of the day left on my face before I hit the sack, now I ensure my face is 100% clean before even thinking about going to sleep. Tidy face, tidy mind.

Are there any skincare tips you’ve learnt over the past few years that are not a staple part of your routine




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