Beauty tested: Hydrating Sheet Masks

Beauty tested: Hydrating Sheet Masks

Recently I’ve become a bit of a face mask fiend and I’m obsessed with trying new ones out and seeing which ones give me that ‘best skin yet’ feeling. I want  to look and feel hydrated, nourished, plumped, bright, radiant, more well moisturised than Ross Gellar’s moist maker… my demands are pretty high but the results can often be a bit ‘meh’.

This time I thought I’d try three sheet masks, arguably the least glamourous face masks to grace the beauty shelves, all with budget price points so we could see which ones are worth spending your spare change on ahead of a pamper evening.

I know for some sheet masks are just a bit of a gimmick and you would do just as well layering up your hydrating serums and moisturisers but where is the fun in that? Sometimes it OK for beauty to be just a bit of fun too. Let’s dive in…

Garnier Moisture Bomb Hydrating Face Mask £2.99

This is probably the one out of the three that most people have heard of or seen before down the aisles of Superdrug. The packaging screams moisture and hydration, and includes hyaluronic acid which everyone is obsessed with at the moment.  I think it’s pretty clear what you’re going to get and it did not let me down.

When you take this out the packaging it’s a little confusing to start until you realise it’s in two layers to be peeled apart until you are left with a sheet that is saturated on only one side. I like this idea, I think it makes for less drippage.

It was a little too big for my face, a bit flappy round the nose and mouth are but I usually find that’s the case with these things. I always thought I had a big ol’ head so unless they are modelling this on The Head from Art Attack I’m really not sure they need to be quite so big.

When I took it off after the suggested time there was still plenty of residue to be massaged in to the skin until it starts to soak in and feel a little tacky. Once completely dry my skin felt plump and hydrated and very soft. It helped with dry patches around my chin and at one point later in the night I did look in the mirror and think I looked genuinely glowy – in a good way and not in the ‘am I glowing or do I just have oily skin?’ kind of way that I’m used to.

Thumbs up. Would purchase again.

Boots Ingredients Hydrating and Nourish Sheet Mask £2.50

Next was a mask from Boots own brand ‘ingredients’ range. I wish I knew which ingredient it was that I didn’t get along with but *warning* this one made my whole face turn a not so subtle shade of pink.

‘A hydrating and moisturising mask packed with hyaluronic acid, what could go wrong? It will be the same as the Garnier one no?’ No.

I don’t think I have particularly sensitive skin. As someone who tries a lot of beauty products it’s been put through its paces and I’m used to acids, essentials oils, most things that people with sensitive skin would be told to avoid, and I’ve very rarely had my skin turn red as a result.

My initial thoughts on application were ‘Oh a tingle, I wasn’t expecting that, must mean it’s working’ but when I took it off my skin was clearly irritated and felt warm. Fortunately I’m not one to panic too much about skin reactions like this as in my experience they will soon calm down, but I imagine if this was your first foray in to sheet masks and after 10 minute you were also left redder than if you had sat in the 19 degrees February sun all day it might not be such a pleasant experience.

I can’t determine from the ingredients list exactly what it is that made this happen but I’ve checked online and a few other people have had the same result (despite many others saying they loved it) so I’m not completely on my own here.

Unfortunately this was a no from me but I’m sure it would do the job for a lot of other people. It wouldn’t put me off other masks from the range. I would be interested to see actually if any of the others work for me or I’d have the same issue with others.

Alex Steinherr X Primark Maximum Moisture Supreme Sheet Mask £3

As soon as ex-Glamour beauty director Alex Steinherr’s skincare collection launched at Primark I knew I had to try something from the range and the sheet mask seemed like the perfect place to start.

I noticed this one was different in texture to the others. I don’t want to say my vocabulary is restricted to words like gloopy, but it was a bit more gloopy. The serum or ‘essence’ as it’s described was a little thicker and viscous and completely saturated the mask on both sides. The actual material of the mask was thinner and more transparent than the others and it felt very delicate to apply. The mask sheet was more transparent than the others which made for a very fetching look and frightened my boyfriend half to death. I told you beauty could be fun…

When applied it felt very cooling and, thank god, there was no burning tingle this time round. When I removed there was still lots of the remaining essence left to massage in to my skin. I mean, lots. There would never be any danger or it drying out whilst wearing it. Maximum moisture indeed.

Afterwards my skin felt hydrated and very smooth. I would pick one up again but I’m more eager to try other products in the range now. Apparently there are a few new ones in store since it was first released.

In conclusion (yes sorry this has been like an essay) if you want a good solid option that gives you a boost of hydration and a glowy AF look then I’d opt for the Garnier Moisture Bomb. I’m intrigued now to try their eye masks too. Have you tried any good sheet masks I need to know about?


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