Skincare review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Masks

Skincare review: Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Masks

Eye masks seem to be the THING at moment. Magazines are obsessed. Celebrities are obsessed. Instagrammers are obsessed. And now I’m obsessed. Sucker for a trend? Me?…always.

After trying the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask in a previous post and being impressed with the results I decided to give the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Eye Masks a go. I love a mask and I’m always up for trialling the latest affordable options.

I know some big beauty gurus argue eye masks and sheet masks are a bit pointless and I agree to an extent that applying a super hydrating serum instead would work just as well. But I still enjoy them. And if you’re after a quick boost of hydration and brightness, some really do work a treat. Now, get ready to scroll down for some unflattering photos…

Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask with Orange Juice & Hyaluronic Acid £2.99

The first thing I noticed when I went to apply these patches is that they are very large. Now I don’t know if have an abnormally small face, I don’t think I do, so why are these things always so huge? I guess it means they cover more surface area with hydrating goodness so it can only be a good thing. They are easy enough to apply, once you figure out which way round they are meant to go, you just pull off the plastic backing and smooth them under your eyes.

They did feel quite cooling but if you want them extra cool and soothing it might be an idea to pop them in the fridge first, or a skincare fridge depending on how peak millennial you’re feeling. After 15 minutes I removed them and patted the excess serum in to the skin. I didn’t notice a dramatic difference in brightness but my under eyes felt very hydrated and smooth. My makeup went on like a dream after using these so if you struggle with concealer creasing of dry under eyes then these are definitely worth the £2.99.


Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask with Coconut Water & Hyaluronic Acid £2.99

Next up was the coconut water infused mask which is a superhero style mask that had me looking like a budget Elastigirl.

Again, it was quite large and as one piece rather than two it was more difficult to apply to the right parts of the eye contour. I don’t really understand the need to have a section going above the eyes as well as the below. The top half went over my eyebrows which was both horrifying to look at (see below if you dare) and a little unnecessary. Hydrating the under eye is much more important to me than the, um, over eye…is that a thing?

After 15 minutes I removed the mask and massaged any remaining serum in. It has a similar hydrating effect to the patches. In fact, I didn’t notice much of a difference between the two serums at all despite the first being said to target dullness and the second targeting fine lines. Neither had a strong scent either which is perfect for me.

I know…fetching right?


Though I doubt I’ll be using eye masks as part of my regular skincare routine I can definitely see the benefit of using them for an extra boost hydration and to perk up the under eyes before a special occasion or after a particularly heavy night. I have to say the patches were very much my preference over the superhero mask and I’m sure I’ll pick them up again at some point in the future.

Sure, eye masks aren’t a necessary step in your regime and a good hyaluronic acid serum or moisturiser could work just as well, but these are, like, way more fun, and great for an instant pick-me-up. Garnier, if you’re listening (lol), you should consider bring out multipacks.

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