Summer Holiday Skincare Essentials

Summer Holiday Skincare Essentials

Did you know I’ve recently been on holiday? I haven’t stopped talking about it from the time I booked it back at the beginning of the year until, well, I’m still going on about it. With limited luggage space it can be tricky for beauty junkies like ourselves to decide what makes the cut when it comes to skincare. We can’t have heavy lotions and potions taking up valuable clothing space so it’s time to be strict with our stash and stick to the stuff we are really going to need.

I believe if you’re going away for a week or less it’s time to leave your acids, your masks, your 9-step korean ‘glass skin’ routine at home and keep to the key staples; hydration and protection. Products containing exfoliating acids make your skin more sensitive to sun damage so if you know you’re going to spending hours everyday in the sunshine I’s say it’s time to skip those just for this week. You can do it.

Here are some skincare items I kept on hand during my holiday to help see me through…

A good facial SPF

This one should be a given. Sure, you could just slather a bit of your Soltan sun cream on your face at the same time you do your body as you’re hanging out at the pool but things have become a little more sophiscated than that these days.

SPF’s designed specifically for the face are a lot better suited to, well, your face skin. They are less likely to lead skin to becoming congested and less likely to increase spots and blackheads. They are also a lot more suited to sensitive skin.

Look for something with a lightweight formula and with both UVA and UVB protection to fight against both signs of ageing and to protect skin from burning.

Try these:

Ultrasun SPF30 Face Lotion Sensitive £22.00

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF50 £17.00

A facial mist

Whilst not strictly an ‘essential’ it’s nice to have a hydrating face mist on hand to spritz at any time, whether before flying, at the poolside or before you head ‘out out’. I’m a firm believer you can never have too much hydration and when it’s hot and sticky out, and you don’t want you ruin your natural beach babe look,  it’s the perfect way to give your skin a little boost.

Try these:

Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist £42.00†

B. Hyaluronic Acid Spritz £8.99

A hydrating serum

Hydrating serums come in many forms, some are light watery consistencies they sink quickly in to the deeper layers of the skin and and some are a thicker, more moisturiser-like, consistency that provide moisture and hydration to the surface at the skin. I like a mixture of both. Thicker serums are particularly soothing and are great for when your face is looking a little pink from the sun, but you think a heavy moisturiser will be too much. The key to choosing to a good hydrating serum is to look for one packed with hyaluronic acid.

Try these:

Alpha-h Hyaluronic 8 Serum £38†

Simpy Pure Hydrating Serum £2.99

A multi-purpose balm

A multi-purpose balm is the perfect holiday companion as, as the name suggests, they can have so many different uses. On a summer holiday a multi-purpose balm or cream can be used for anything from soothing sunburn and peeling skin, keeping brows in place, as highlighter on cheekbones and brow bones, post-shave balm, moisturising chapped lips, you name it. If you’re worried about your luggage allowance beauty products with more than one use are the way to go.

Egyptian Magic £29†

Glossier balm dot com £10

Obviously your basics such as eye makeup remover and cleanser are essentials in your routine whether home or away. For these I just opt for whatever minis I can get my hands on/have in my stash already.

So there we have it. What skincare items do you never go on holiday without?

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