Tili Beauty Box: Heatwave Edition

(This post contains press samples)

What are your thoughts on beauty boxes? I’m currently of the opinion that subscriptions boxes are a bit ‘meh’ but one off boxes are where it’s at if you want to pick up some real bargains and sample some new brands.

I was kindly gifted one of the Tili beauty boxes (a beauty box which is exclusive to QVC) at a recent event and thought I’d share my thoughts and show you what’s inside.

Unlike subscription style boxes where you pay X amount a month for a box to arrive at your door filled with tiny samples from brands you’ve never heard of, the Tili box is a one off payment of £20, you can see what is going to arrive before you order it, and it contains a very generous amount of both full sized and mini products.

Fear not, you don’t have to be at home watching the shopping channel all day to buy it. QVC has moved on. Just buy it online. Simple.

The latest Tili box is the Heatwave edit which features 8 products perfect for summer with a huge combined RRP of £119. Here’s what you can find in this season’s box:

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution (full size)

You know I love me a good acid. It really is the secret to a nice even skin tone and a good glow. I like that this contains both AHA and BHA acids as it means it not only exfoliates and evens out pigmentation and skin tone but is also great at tackling blemishes. Win-win.

Nails Inc Bright Ambition Gel Effect Nail Polish (full size)

This comes in one of 3 randomly selected shades and the one I received is called ‘Not Invited’. Lol, who comes up with nail varnish names? What a job. One of these polishes alone is worth £11 so I was pleased to see it included in a box that only costs £20. A nice thick brush too, just how I like it.

Neom Pulse Point Rollerball

In either scent ‘Great Day’ or ‘Energy Burst’ these fragrances are chosen specifically for their ‘mood boosting’ qualities. They are designed to be applied to wrists, temples and behind the ears for an instant boost. I love the citrus scent of this and whilst I wouldn’t replace any of my favourite perfumes with it it’s still a nice light scent for a bit of change. Also, kind of made me want a lemon drizzle.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Mini

I used to love this bronzer back in the day but haven’t used it in forever. The mini size is perfect for carrying around day to day when you need a boost of bronze and the matte finish makes for a great contour.

Tarte Amazonian Highlighter (full size)

You can’t have a summer themed box without a good highlighter. This one is a light champagne shade perfect for the tops of cheekbones. A really decent size as well. Seriously, this box is very generous for £20.

Decleor Sunkissed Day Cream Mini

I’ve never actually tried anything from Decleor before so I’m excited to give this a whirl. First impressions (on the back of my hand) is that is creates a lovely natural glow. When you first squeeze it from the tube it looks as though it’s going to be a very pigmented bronzer but when smoothed in to the skin creates just a light sheen.  Perfect for minimal makeup days. Smells like summer too.

Gym For Your Skin b-hit Vitamin b Booster (full size)

I love me some vitamin b. This serum is said to hydrate, soothe parched skin and add a dewy glow whilst protecting against pollutants. What more could you want?

Tweak’d Dhatelo Restore Hydrating Treatment Balm (full size)

Tweak’d is not a brand I’ve heard of before so I’m intrigued to see what it’s like. This is a generous 100ml leave-in treatment balm for dry and damaged hair. It’s supposed to seal split ends and protect against heat damage which is something I’m always on the lookout for. This is usually £18 alone!

Honestly for a while I’ve been a bit iffy about beauty boxes, thinking they’ve become full of random samples that are going to clog up my storage but when you can get so many amazing products for just £20 I won’t be able to resist having a little look to see what’s on offer in the next Tili box.

(If you’re wondering, Tili stands for ‘Try it, love it’)

The heatwave box is available to buy from QVC here: https://www.qvcuk.com/content/beauty/tili.html 

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