5 Years of Living in London: 25 Lessons Learnt

This September marks 5 years since I upped sticks from South Wales and moved to the big smoke. To celebrate here’s a list of 25 things living in London in my mid-twenties has taught me:

  1. Your snot is black now. Thank you pollution.
  2. Everyone thinks chain restaurants are like, so basic.
  3. Greggs Corned Beef pasties are not available. Apparently there is not high enough ‘demand’ in London. Snobs.
  4. Househunting for your first London flat whilst painfully hungover is a very bad idea.
  5. Standing on an escalator rather than walking up them is what you consider a ‘treat’.
  6. Thursday drinks are the new Friday drinks.
  7. You won’t spend your weekends shopping on Oxford Street. In fact, you’ll avoid it at all costs.
  8. Nothing is ever so important that you have to run for the tube. Excuse me sir, what is it that can’t wait 2 minutes?
  9. No Toby Carvery.
  10. You feel like MoneySavingExpert Martin Lewis anytime you manage to buy your lunch for under a fiver.
  11. Wandsworth Town station is not the same as Wandsworth Road station. Learnt the hard way.
  12. Annoyingly, rent actually is as expensive as everyone tells you it will be. So much so that it actually doesn’t feel like real money anymore. It’s monopoly money.
  13. Clapham is where everyone comes together once they’ve finished university but don’t feel ready to be a proper adult.
  14. Infernos should not be attended by anyone over the age of 22.
  15. Despite London being HUGE you’ll still occasionally bump in to someone you would rather avoid on the Central Line.
  16. People don’t spend their weekends having drinks up the Shard.
  17. Londoners are 90% happier when the sun is out. But it can’t be too hot. There’s a very specific sweet spot.
  18. Think your tube is bad in the heat? Well don’t tell anyone, because theirs was always worse.
  19. It will never not be exciting seeing a dog on the tube. Bonus points if they’ve got his own seat
  20. Bottomless brunch is very readily available. It seems like a great idea until you’re throwing up in public at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon.
  21. Under pressure you can, and you will, kill a cockroach.
  22. Need to change lines at Bank station? Get ready for your audition to become Ninja Warrior UK.
  23. Celebrity spots do happen and they are never boring. My best one? Bill Nighy walking through Soho.
  24. You will turn in to your dad every time you find yourself in Piccadilly Circus and say ‘It’s like Piccadilly Circus round here!’
  25. You never love London more than when you are crossing the Thames, in an Uber, slightly pissed, late at night.

Have you got any learnings from living in London?

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  1. Gee
    August 11, 2019 / 1:13 pm

    Couldn’t agree more. You bravely doing Number 21 in Shepherds Bush are some of my most treasured London memories.

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