2021 Beauty Trend Predictions

2021 Beauty Trend Predictions

A new year means a fresh start. We’re all well and truly over 2020. We’re ready for a change. In the beauty world January is the month where industry insiders and trend forecasters predict what are to be the hot new trends for the year ahead. Some of them might be continuations from the year before, others might have seemingly come from nowhere. Always eager to put my perspective in, here’s my top beauty trend predictions for 2021… 

1. Skinimalism 

Aka minimalist skincare. This is on just about every list of beauty predictions for 2021 out there. Skinimalism can refer to both reducing the amount of products you use (goodbye 12 step routine, hello ‘slow skincare‘) or looking for products that can have many different uses. For example, it could be a multi-purpose balm that acts as a cleanser, moisturiser, face mask and lip balm all at once, or a tanning product that also contains skincare benefits. The possibilities are endless, but now your bathroom cabinet doesn’t have to be. 

2. Sustainability and socially conscious beauty 

Beauty consumers are becoming more and more aware of the effect that their purchases are having on the planet. Is the packaging recyclable? (or even better, zero waste?), is it made in a sustainable way, is it carbon free? We’re no longer buying makeup wipes (thank God) but instead looking for ways to make our skincare routine more sustainable. Look out for bigger brands coming under pressure to follow in the footsteps of their smaller counterparts. Just this month Garnier, for example, have launched their own reusable cotton pads after a spike in demand.

3. Skin positivity

Say goodbye to those over-filtered images where skin if blurred within an inch of its life and even pores are non-existent. You know, those things EVERYONE has? 2021 is about real people, with real skin and finding the courage to embrace it. The hashtag #skinpositivity has over 100k posts on Instagram and is a refreshing community of everyday people supporting each other and embracing their acne, rosacea, skin pigmentation, and pores. Why? Because in 2021 those things shouldn’t be seen as a flaw…

4. Mascne treatments 

It doesn’t look like face masks (the Covid kind or the skincare kind) are going anywhere for 2021 so I’m expecting more products designed specifically to target our new problem area (aka half the face!). Whether its chin masks or ultra hydrating lip balms, now that brands have had time to develop some new products I’m sure there’s going to be some interesting things coming our way…

5. Instagrammable (or TikTok-able!) skincare 

Since content creators are spending more time indoors it’s becoming a struggle to create share-worthy images. Beauty products that are eye-catching enough to stop a scroller in their tracks are sure to be on every beauty bloggers wishlist for 2021. I’m talking about unusual sheet masks, and eye masks, and anything with really beautiful packaging. Us beauty bloggers love a face mask selfie and at the moment the more instagrammable, the better. With beauty TikTok also on the rise you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. 

6. Luxury hygiene 

In 2020 hygiene and anti-bacterial products were at the top of everyone’s agenda. We rushed out to buy high alcohol hand sanitisers and our hands became dry and sensitive in the process. Now that it’s become such an everyday essential there’s no doubt that big beauty brands will be looking at how they can put their own spin on it, so that hand sanitiser is not just a hygiene product, but a beauty one too… 

7. Blue light protection

We’re looking at screens, pretty much, all day every day. Even more so in lockdown. The blue light emitted from screens is said to have a negative effect on our skin cells, making them more sluggish. Just how SPF has become an everyday staple, protection from blue light is also starting to make its way on to our agenda. Many beauty brands are emphasing the ingredients in their products that already protect from blue light, or even creating whole new products with marketing campaigns targeted at our latest insecurity. It won’t be long before it’s a must have in everyone’s routine. 

8. Influenced by Gen Z 

In 2020 many of the BIG beauty trends of the year were popularised by Gen Z (or the TikTok generation) before spreading out to us, very very old, millennials. Think ‘E-girl’ bleached streaks at the front of your hair (guilty), faux freckles, graphic eyeliners, nose blusher(?!). If you’re a millennial wanting to stay one step ahead of the trends this year, you know where to look… 

9. Natural looking enhancements  

Thanks to Covid closing all our favourite salons it was goodbye beauty treatments and hello DIY beauty. Not being able to do our own hair, nails and lashes has meant many people embracing a more natural beauty. I’m predicting a dip in big lashes, long acrylic nails and high-maintenance hair colours and instead think people will opt for a more natural look. That’s not to say we won’t be returning to the salons in droves, but possibly opting for treatments that aren’t such a stark contrast to the lockdown looks we’ve had to embrace. I’m talking enhanced beauty that looks natural, even though it actually isn’t. 

10. Celebrity skincare ranges 

A few years ago anyone who’s anyone had their own fragrance. Celebrity fragrance was HUGE! Then we saw a rise in celebrity makeup ranges, Kim, Kylie, Rihanna were all at it. And now? Celebrity skincare ranges. As the skincare market grows and grows (and fragrance and makeup dips) it’s not surprising everyone wants a piece of the action. Just recently Pharrell announced his new all-gender skincare brand Humanrace, and J-Lo has gone down the anti-ageing route with her own range. It looks like it’s going to be a big year for celebrity skincare! 

What do you think of these 2021 Beauty Trend Predictions? And which ones will you be following? Let me know in the comments!

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