Oh hi there.

I’m Vix. Victoria. Vicki. Whatever you fancy.

Vixwill.com is a beauty and lifestyle blog from a London based, skincare obsessed, millennial working in the beauty PR industry.

It is a space to share my love for beauty, my penchant for skincare and my obsession with the industry. From my skincare favourites and product reviews to my personal musings on the beauty world and beyond I hope you can feel like vixwill.com is a welcoming destinations for easily accessible skincare tips, recommendations and more.

The internet is jam packed full of beauty advice and it can often be a daunting space to jump in to. I want bridge the gap between over-complicated information and the real basics. After six years working in the beauty industry I often make the mistake of thinking everyone knows their glycolic from their hyaluronic but it’s not always the case.

We’re talking skincare for normal people. For people like me in their mid *cough* sorry, late twenties who but just want a little helping, well-moisturised, hand.

Born and raised in Cardiff I moved to London in 2014 to pursue a career in Beauty PR after graduating in Journalism & Media. But it took me a surprise redundancy late 2017 for me to finally give this whole blogging thing a go.

When I’m not at my day job working in Beauty PR, or getting lost down a social media rabbit hole thanks to the latest blogging drama, you’ll find me sat at home watching Strictly (my fave) in my hair turban and trying to navigate how to drink wine whilst wearing a sheet mask.



Due to my day job in the beauty industry I often have access to more beauty products than the average person. Some of the products featured on vixwill.com may have been received in an event goody bag, or given to me to try as part of a new launch. I am under no obligation to post about any of these products and it does not alter any recommendations or reviews.

Any products provided specifically for review on vixwill.com or Instagram.com/vixwill will be marked as a PR sample.